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The tax world is fast-paced - laws change and so do your needs. It’s our job to sift through the latest information and pass along what is most relevant… And we’re happy to do it.

GRBJ Highlight: What Level Of Assurance Do You Require?

Seth Hanenburg really hit the nail on the head in this blog from the Grand Rapids Business Journal. Do you know what assurance means to your business? “Assurance. What is it? How does it apply to your business? What are the different levels of assurance? The simple explanation of assurance is confidence. Confidence in...

the accuracy of the financial statements of the company is often a requirement of lenders, shareholders and others who rely on the financial statements to make important decisions. There are different levels of assurance that may be required. A Certified Public Accountant can provide various levels of assurance by performing a preparation, compilation, review, or audit... [read more]

GRBJ Highlight: Cash Flow is King

This January, our own Rob Westdorp partnered with the Grand Rapids Business Journal to discuss cash flow, and why you should prioritize the importance of cash! “As business owners and managers guiding the finances of an organization, or individuals dealing with the household budget, it doesn’t take long to understand the old saying “cash...

is king.” We need cash to pay rent, the mortgage, meet payroll or pay bills. In business it is easy to become enamored with revenue growth and profitability. While both are admirable pursuits, they do not guarantee the long-term success of an organization. Financial statement profitability is a function of accounting standards, rules and theories. An... [read more]

GRBJ: Tips for Year-End Tax Planning

Most of us are familiar with the end of the year to-do lists that don’t seem to end. Thankfully Sara Knoper is here to save the day with some ideas to consider that might put a little extra cash in our pockets for those gifts under the tree. “There is a lot of planning...

that goes into the last few months of the year. Planning trips to see family, planning holiday events, planning shopping trips (or nights on Amazon) to get the gifts the kids have been asking for, etc. The to-do list can be long and the last thing anyone really wants to think about right now is tax... [read more]

GRBJ Blog: Should You Form An Advisory Board?

Attention Business Owners! Ryan Holtz has the perfect suggestion to refresh your business and generate new ideas from different perspectives.   “As a business owner, you may feel that you are not large enough to put together a formal board of directors that can provide assistance in running your business. If that is the...

case, an advisory board may fill that void. Most owners have done a nice job of building a trusted internal team that runs the day-to-day operations, but that team may not have the time to fly at 30,000 feet and address strategic planning opportunities or other issues that may impact the business.”     …  ... [read more]

GRBJ Highlight: Running wild isn’t always as fun as it sounds

This month just may be the month of Andy Jipping. Among other things, Andy has written a blog for the Grand Rapids Business Journal with some great ideas that can help your company get back on track, and steer clear from “running wild.” “As a parent of a toddler,   I find myself reminding my son...

to watch where he is going. His eyes are pointed in every direction that isn’t forward — you know, the direction he’s running at full speed. My wife and I have probably apologized to you in Meijer after he darted out from an aisle into your cart. Yup, we’re those parents. But he’s three. We wouldn’t expect a... [read more]

Andy Jipping is moving UP!

We are very pleased to announce the promotion of Andrew Jipping, CPA to Senior Associate.  Hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude are key to a successful career, and Andy exhibits all of those traits and more on a daily basis. Andy is a true leader and we could not be more eager to offer...

him this well-deserved promotion! CONGRATS ANDY!


We are proud to have a value based culture that allows us to really connect with our clients and truly give exceptional service. 495GR is all about sharing the stories of local businesses in the West Michigan area. We are thrilled to be a part of such a great community!

GRBJ HIGHLIGHT: Estimated Tax Payments-A Necessary Evil Part 2

Last month, Steve Struck put together a well written article covering the what, who and how of tax payments. If you enjoyed that, which we are sure you did; without further ado, we introduce to you “Tax Payments- A Necessary Evil Pt. 2.” “Last month, we introduced the “evil” concept of estimated tax payments —...

what they are and who is required to make them. To review, if you don’t have enough tax paid in through your payroll withholdings, then it’s likely you will be required to make estimated tax payments. Assuming this applies to you, the question becomes — how do I calculate my estimates and how much is “too... [read more]

GRBJ HIGHLIGHT: Estimated Tax Payments — a Necessary Evil

Steve Struck is back at it! Steve has written yet another article for the Grand Rapid’s Business Journal, and this time it is a two part series! Steve touches on the how, what and who of the necessary and complicated evil of estimated tax payments. “Quite often, I hear people complain (you know who...

you are) about having to pay quarterly estimates. This is especially true with taxpayers who are either self-employed or employed with multiple types of income, such as rents, flow-through income from S corporations or LLCs, interest, dividends or capital gains. What’s all the fuss about estimated tax payments? Why are individuals required to pay them? How... [read more]


2017 Baker Holtz Annual Charity Golf Outing Recap

AUGUST 24TH, 2017 As most of you may know, Gilda’s Club of Grand Rapids does their share in giving back to the community by providing free emotional healthcare to children, adults, families, and friends on any kind of cancer journey, or those grieving the death of a loved one. Gilda’s club has a special program...

called Camp Sparkle, which provides support to children and teens impacted by cancer or grief and allows them the chance to connect with others. With all of that being said, it was a no brainer to benefit Gilda’s Club of Grand Rapids at our 4th annual Baker Holtz charity golf outing. This year we had an amazing turn out, with... [read more]

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