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Mariah VanderPloeg

Director of Marketing & Culture and Relationships


Mariah is a graduate of Zeeland West High School and has worked a wide range of jobs since graduating including Direct Care Support at a Foster Care home for teens and nannying for multiple families. After years of caring for other people, she took some time off and welcomed her son into the world in 2021. Mariah later joined Baker Holtz in Summer of 2023 as our Marketing Director and Director of Culture + Relationships.

Within her roles, Mariah enjoys creating, branding and staying up to date with the current marketing trends. But most of all, she enjoys the relationships she gets to build along the way. Mariah takes pride in building a culture that promotes growth and productivity, while overall creating a positive employee experience for our team.

Mariah stays busy at Baker Holtz, but on top of that works as a Director for Kids Hope USA, runs a photography business, and a seasonal decorating business.

Outside of work, Mariah enjoys spending time with her husband, son, friends and family. Some of her favorite things to do are baking, thrift shopping, cycling, and going to the lake.

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