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Advisory Services

Financial Budgeting

  •  We will complete a one-year Operational Forecast based on our knowledge of your business and industry, historical operations, and information we gather from your financial personnel. The resulting report will be a tool for strategic planning and reacting to changes in your business throughout the year as we compare actual results to the plan.

Cash Flow Forecast

  • A cash flow forecast will help you to build a model of the way in which cash moves within a project or your organization. More importantly, it will help you predict whether the sales or income you forecast will generate positive cash flow. A cash flow forecast will help you to manage your business through the ups and downs of your cash cycle. We will complete a Cash Management Plan including forecasted balance sheets, profit and loss, and cash flows based on information we gather from your financial personnel.

Cash Flow Projection

  • A cash flow projection answers the question, "What would happen if...?" We will meet with your financial personnel and prepare a projection that allows you to evaluate the impact on your results from operations and cash flows based on one or more hypothetical assumptions.

Inventory Analysis & Management

  • Your company's profit and cash flow is largely dependent on how much inventory you hold. Inventory breaks down into three components: raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods. We can help you analyze your inventory needs and inventory turnover.

Operational and Profitability Consulting

Inventory Analysis & Management

  • Break-even analysis is a tool we use to calculate the sales volume at which your fixed costs are covered and you are beginning to generate a profit. You can also use this tool to solve managerial problems such as setting price levels, targeting optimal variable/fixed cost combinations, and determining the financial attractiveness of different strategic options for your company.

New Business Services

  • These services include the selection of business entity type as well as structure and business plan review.

Bank Financing Assistance

  • Whether or not you are able to obtain bank financing when you need it can become a critical element in your company's success. We can prepare the financial statements and other documents in support of your financing request and we can also meet with you in the face-to-face meetings with the banking institutions.

Industry Benchmarking

Fraud Prevention

  • We can help minimize your company's exposure to fraud with an examination of its internal controls and by helping to institute effective fraud prevention policies and procedures.
    We can:

  • Analyze your business’ existing internal control procedures

  • Evaluate areas where controls may be lacking

  • Make suggestions to strengthen your controls

  • Educate you about fraud and help you establish fraud prevention policies *Considering no control is effective unless it is operating as intended, we can provide monitoring assistance to ensure that the controls in place are operating as intended

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