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Taxation Services

Tax Return Preparation

  • We prepare federal, state, and local tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, gifts, and estates.

Merger and Acquisition

  • We can assist you from a tax perspective in the merger or acquisition process by analyzing the tax consequences of selling company stock versus business assets. From a buyers' perspective, we assist in determining the most tax advantageous method in purchasing stock versus assets. We proactively plan throughout the merger and acquisition process to minimize the tax and maximize tax deductions.

Tax Projections (Quarterly, Mid-Year, and/or Year-End)

  • We will project your tax liability in order to ensure that you are not subject to underpayment penalties or interest, to avoid surprises upon filing and to provide tax planning strategies and ideas

Entity Status

  •  Filing as a flow-through entity versus a C Corporation depends on your specific objectives and goals. We will evaluate these as well as factor in the tax consequences to determine and recommend the optimal entity status.

IRS Work & Correspondence

  • We work on your behalf with the IRS and state revenue agencies on managing your notices, negotiating compromises and agreements, audit representation, and all other controversy issues so you don't have to.

Estate & Gift Planning

  •  Business owners meet individually with a member of our professional staff to complete an estate planning assessment. The assessment is used to identify planning opportunities with respect to wills, trusts, insurance, succession planning, financial planning, gift and estate tax planning, etc. We work in conjunction with your estate planning attorney and your financial advisor to help secure your goals.

Business Succession Planning

  •  We provide advice relating to ownership transfers and assist in minimizing tax obligations for departing owners.

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