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Linda Villanueva



I have nearly 20 years of bookkeeping experience. I started my accounting career in property management, but quickly fell in love with the accounting side of that job. That lead me to pursue accounting at Baker College in 2007. Three years later, I left property management and jumped into my accounting career.

When not doing journal entries, I enjoy loading up my bike and exploring bike trails all over the state. I have many bike trails still on my bucket list and cannot wait to check them all off. I am also known to spend countless hours walking the beach trails near my home.

I have what most consider a surprising hobby. I love to build furniture. As a single mom, I had little resources and a home in desperate need of updating. I began to teach myself how to remodel my home long before YouTube could teach me. As my skills developed and my power tool supply became larger, I started to teach myself how to build small furniture pieces. That has grown into a full-fledged love of cabinet making, and wide array of furniture building that I have added to my repertoire.

Baker Holtz has many things to love in a workplace, but it is the people who make it the best place to work. When you know that you are part of a well-supported team, it makes coming to work feel a lot less like work. It is obvious that each Baker Holtz team member is knowledgeable, helpful and ready to tackle anything the day may throw at them. What a wonderful workplace culture Baker Holtz has cultivated in their many years in business!

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