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Lindsay Winiarski MST

Seasonal Associate


Leveraging my Bachelor's in Accounting from Calvin College and a Master's in Taxation from Grand Valley State University, I started my career at Rehman Robson. There, I honed my accounting skills and gained valuable experience. Following a rewarding period working in Gift Planning at Calvin College, I made the fulfilling decision to stay home and raise my three energetic boys. They keep me on my toes, but the joy they bring is immeasurable.

When I'm not chauffeuring them to their numerous activities, you might find me cheering them on at their Little League games. We also enjoy exploring the beauty of West Michigan and beyond, conquering hiking trails together. I'm actively involved at Cottonwood Church, where I also serve as the Treasurer.

I'm grateful for the opportunity BH has given me to return to public accounting. Their flexible work environment allows me to balance my career with the demands of my active family. The team here is fantastic, and I'm thrilled to be diving back into the world of tax again.

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